Village Guitar Lessons


Individual Lesson Rates are currently:


$40 per half hour


$70 per hour




The cost of music lessons is $35 per half hour, or $60 per hour. All payments must be delivered at the time of the lesson. Under no circumstances will lessons be taught without payment or on credit. Personal checks will be accepted, however cash is always welcome. Please remit checks to Steve Raleigh.


Student Expectations

Student Expectations


Lessons will occur weekly. Please attend regularly. Students are expected to practice consistently at home and come to each lesson prepared. The amount of practicing will vary greatly depending on the level of the student, but beginning students should spend on a minimum of 20 minutes each day. A small amount of practice on a daily basis will prove far more beneficial than extended practice once a week. Parents of elementary-aged students should regularly assist and supervise practicing. All parents are welcomed to observe lessons so they may better assist the learning process.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Lesson Policy


If the instructor cancels the lesson, or if the lesson location is closed for whatever reason, a make-up lesson can be scheduled. If no make-up lesson can be scheduled, a credit will be issued.


If the student skips the lesson without notifying the instructor, or with less than 24 hour notice, no make-up lesson or credit will be issued and the student will owe for the full cost of the originally scheduled lesson.


If the student cancels a lesson with at least 24 hour notice or more, there will be no penalty and a make-up lesson can be scheduled if desired and a mutually agreeable time can be scheduled.


The instructor reserves the right to make exceptions to any of the above terms.


If you're interested in studying with me, either privately or in a group or workshop setting , please don't hesitate to call or email me, or visit my website:



+1 (845) 542-4558